Si Ji Emily Grant

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Assistant Instructor, Cambridge Kung Fu Children's Instructor, Youth Kung Fu Instructor

Martial Arts Experience

Wing Chun since 2008, 1st Technician Grade Energy Systems 2012 - 2015 Escrima Concepts 2008-2012 Tai Chi + Chi Kung 2010-2012 Shotokan Karate for 6 months


Self-employed TigerArt Creative Services


Bellydance, Illustration, Crafts (needle felting, crochet, knitting), Reading, Teaching, Caring for animals, Yoga and Learning.


To teach and help people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to feel more confident and happy with themselves. Encourage kids to grow up knowing laughter, compassion and respect for themselves and others. To bring larger awareness to and inclusion of minority groups in martial arts. To bring awareness, knowledge and understanding of mental health in martial arts and generally.