Minh Huynh Quoc

 Minh Huynh Quoc

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Assistant Instructor - Level 1 (SG1-4)

Martial Arts Experience

Wing Chun at SAS Martial Arts Academy (Under Sifu Andrew Sofos) – 2012 for 8 Months Wing Chun at Cambridge Kung Fu – Since February 2015 Escrima Concepts Cambridge Kung Fu – Since January 2018

Other Relevant Experience

As a pharmacist of 4 years, I have had to take responsibility in mentoring several trainee healthcare advisors and one dispensing technician in training (2018)


Community Store Pharmacist at Boots Uk Ltd.


Travelling to as many countries as possible, Netflix shows, martial arts instructional videos.


To know my true self, understand what I have to do to achieve that, overcome hardships and obstacles then ultimately become the best version of myself. In other words, to become a lifelong practitioner of martial arts.