Si Hing John Paine

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Assistant Instructor - Level 1 (SG1-4)

Martial Arts Experience

I trained in another style of Wing Chun for 3 years and have been training with Cambridge Kung Fu since 2012.

Other Relevant Experience

I used to help out in classes at my previous school teaching new students the basics of the style. Spent several months assisting in teaching art at college level.


Wing Chun (of course!), martial arts in general, art, reading, philosophy, movies, and video games (anything geeky really), hanging out with friends and family.


To continue with my training in Wing Chun, to complete the system and reach a high level of skill; also to eventually become a fully qualified instructor with Cambridge Kung Fu. I would like to increasingly integrate the concepts and philosophy of Wing Chun into my everyday life, becoming a healthier, happier, and better person in general.