Si Ji Kate Laver

Martial Arts Experience

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan since Sep 2013, currently grade 2. CST since November 2014. Have practiced Qi Gong in the past

Other Relevant Experience

I hold art sessions for home schooled children alongside university work. Within uni, I am the president of the Belly dance society, and often runs practice sessions, also on the committee for the tai chi society.


Graduate of Illustration and Animation from Anglia Ruskin University.


Archery, Animation, Drawing (Ink), Running, Ice Kating (haha)


I aim to always be in a state of becoming a better version of myself, and doing what I can to help others do the same. Tai chi has already influenced many aspects of my life, and I'd like to progress to a level where I can guide others in undoing their physical and emotional knots through energy work. I'd also like to becoming strong enough to do pull ups... that would be awesome!


Tai Chi Chuan: Two Person Dance Animation