Si Hing Kieran Love

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Assistant Instructor - Level 1 (SG1-4)

Martial Arts Experience

When I was 6 years old I studied Tang Soo Do and progressed through to the 3rd belt. I trained with Tang Soo Do until I was 12 and this is where I first developed an understanding of the benefits of training a defensive art. In early 2015 I wanted to re-ignite the martial arts flame within and so I carefully researched various martial arts before finally settling on Wing Chun, which I believe is one of the most comprehensive and effective of the defensive arts. I started with Cambridge Kung Fu’s beginner’s adult class in February 2015 and in less than 1 year I passed the first 4 grades to become an Intermediate student within the adult’s classes. I am currently training to become an assistant instructor within the beginner’s classes and therefore I attend to assist and train with these students on a regular basis.

Other Relevant Experience

As a keen musician I taught a small variety of 13-16 year olds to play guitar after completing my degree in music and I enjoyed passing on my knowledge to my pupils. I enjoy teaching, presenting and performing, essentially the more practical aspects of my degree. I am currently working on an album which has so far been produced entirely on my own with a view to employ a vocalist.


I am a Business Development Executive for The Construction Index, a magazine within the Construction Industry. I work with my clients sales and marketing strategies in order to provide a return on investment when they purchase our media and advertising products.


I play guitar and regularly upload new content to my YouTube Channel. I enjoy travelling when the opportunity permits, in the last 18 months I have visited 7 countries. A variety of exercise ranging from sports to cycling and weight lifting. I enjoy learning new things, Wing Chun Kung Fu constantly challenges me, allowing me to remain focused and appreciative of the rewards it brings.


I would like to pass my Wing Chun Kung Fu grade 8 by summer 2017, and therefore a fair amount of work is required in order to achieve this goal. With assisting in the Adult’s Beginners classes, and teaching in the Youth Kung Fu classes, I hope to maintain the important skills we teach at these levels whilst learning and developing a more complex and comprehensive level of understanding Wing Chun Kung Fu.