Ka Fai Leung

Si Hing Ka Fai Leung

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Chuan Assistant Instructor - Level 2 (SG1-8)

Martial Arts Experience

1999-2002 - Wing Chun (with Sifu Andrew Sofos), 2011-present - Wing Chun Chuan (Cambridge Kung Fu)

Other Relevant Experience

2000-2002 - Was a Wing Chun Instructor whilst I was at Imperial College, London, 2007-present - Salsa instructor, 2007-present - Supervising students in the research laboratory, 2009 - Teaching Assistant at Parasitology Summer School, Woods Hole, Boston, MA, USA. Other teaching experience includes; A-level tutoring, worked with children at schools as part of community service.


Secondary School Science Teacher


Sports, dancing salsa, playing drums, watching movies (especially Kung Fu and sci-fi/fantasy), comics and classic cartoons like Transformers and Thundercats!!


To attain happiness within oneself and to bring happiness to the people around me. To do the best in all aspects of my life and help others in need. To learn (you can never stop learning) about myself and the world around me.