Si Hing Nick Ripley

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Chuan Instructor (Level 1)

Martial Arts Experience

My experience in martial arts started off with Taekwondo when I was 18 years old. I had a little break from martial arts to play football and socialise. While socialising, I met a boxing coach who ran the club at the Howard Mallet Centre. So I studied boxing for a couple of years. While still training in boxing I started Karate, which I really enjoyed. I gave up boxing due to time constraints and after a couple more years I gave up Karate for the same reason. I also tried my hand at Ninjutsu, but I had to stop due to a shoulder injury sustained while training. And in August 2010 I started with Cambridge Kung Fu studying Wing Chun………

Other Relevant Experience

I have leadership experience in leading teams in my job and also through being a union rep. While training in Karate I was also assisting in teaching the beginners, mainly children, including a few of my cousins.


I work for network rail as a team leader, faulting and maintaining signalling equipment. I have been doing this job for over 25 years now; I might even settle down in this job.


I like to watch football, supporting West Ham. I also like to run, as long as injuries stay away. And I also enjoy a game of golf, which I find fun but infuriating, just like learning Wing Chun. I will get there eventually.


My goal in life is to enjoy it. Be it in assisting in a Wing Chun class or teaching a class, I find this very satisfying. So as long as that continues I will be happy.