Brandon Gravett

Si Hing Brandon Gravett

Martial Arts Experience

I have been training in Wing Chun with Cambridge Kung Fu since 2015. I started by doing an introductory course and then went to do the Youth program on a Saturday. I have continued to do that and most recently passed my 8th grade.

Other Relevant Experience

At the age of 11 I sustained traumatic brain injury and since then have under gone rehabilitation, over-coming goals and personal barriers along the way. This has given me personal background and experience in disability and special needs. When I took my GCSE's I also took BTEC Sport Level 2 and in that I had to learn and be tested on my capacity to instruct people 1:1 in the gym.


I am a student at Cambridge regional college and I am currently studying level 3 performing arts.


In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, video games and I also enjoy socialising when I can, be it with friends or with family.


I would eventually like to work as a full time or part time instructor. I want to be able to do more than just Wing Chun and perhaps expand my field of knowledge into other Martial Arts. I would also like to become a professionally musician, I play the guitar and would like to play that professionally and I work towards this at college and in my free time.