Ethan Collier

Si Hing Ethan Collier

Martial Arts Experience

I trained in taekwondo for a year in which I managed to achieve a green belt. I have been studying and training Kung Fu since 2014, I am currently going for my 12th grade.

Other Relevant Experience

I started working as a Kids Instructor with Cambridge Kung Fu while doing my Duke of Edinburgh Award. I began volunteering in the Kid's classes and I enjoyed the fun and productive atmosphere so much I decided to keep working as an instructor even after I completed the award!


I am a student and I am, as of now, studying for my GCSE’s at Parkside secondary school. After taking my exams in May I hope to go to Hills road sixth form and take double maths, physics and chemistry.


In my spare time I love to read, watch sci-fi films and have fun with my friends. I think being active is essential and I enjoy rowing, playing rugby and doing the triple jump!


After going to university, I would like to be an engineer and help build and design things that improve the quality of life in the world. I want to keep being healthy and aim on being a better and more intelligent person every day. I would also love to live in New York and have a nice cat.