Ross Sargent

Sifu Ross Sargent

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Kung Fu (Chief Instructor, Sifu), Connected Architecture Training Instructor, Escrima Concepts Assistant Instructor, Cambridge Kung Fu Children's Class Leader, Youth Kung Fu Instructor

Martial Arts Experience

Several Wing Chun/Tsun variations (Sifu under Master Benno Westra), Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Systema, Escrima Weapons Concepts, Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Other Relevant Experience

Circular Strength Training (Instructor under Coach Scott Sonnon), Practitioner of TacFit (Tactical Fitness), Chi Kung, Yoga, Kettlebell Training. Experience of Pilates and other forms of body work. Experienced Childcare Play-Worker. First Class Honors Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College, London.


Co-Founder, Managing Director and Chief Instructor of Cambridge Kung Fu


My primary interest is learning cool stuff! I just love to learn and grow, and I love to share what I have learned! This includes; intelligent physical practise including Martial Arts, Circular Srength Training and Tactical Fitness (TacFit), meditation, optimal nutrition, reading both fiction and non-fiction (primarily Science and Philosophy), Biomimicry, watching movies, traveling and exploring the world, spending time in 'natural' environments such as forests, mountains, the seaside etc. and last but certainly not least, spending time with my amazing wife, son, family and friends!


I believe that happiness, health and success are trainable goals through incremental progression of life skills. My passion is to help myself, and everyone who is keen to learn, to lead the most amazing life they can imagine! Professionally my primary goal is to support Cambridge Kung Fu in continuing to be an amazing place to train and to work. I want to make a significant positive impact in the lives of every student and member of staff that trains and/or works with Cambridge Kung Fu! I hope to achieve this by becoming the best teacher and leader that it is possible for me to be! Personally my goal is realise my potential; to live a symbiotic life in harmony with the Universe. I believe I can achieve my goal through the intelligent/mindful practise of: Breath, Nutrition, Rest and Movement.


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