Laura Sargent

Si Ji Laura Sargent

Arts Taught

Cambridge Kung Fu Children's Instructor

Martial Arts Experience

Wing Chun Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut and Tai Chi Chuan.

Other Relevant Experience

I am a Cognitive Psychologist with expertise in developing novel strategies to increase resilience and reduce stress and anxiety in children and adults. I carried out my PhD and post-doctoral work in Cambridge at the Cognition and Brain Science Unit and was a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of East Anglia. Over the last 10 years I have worked to bring evidence based strategies into our classes to help children learn and integrate the Fundamental Skills of Awareness, Focus and Resilience.


Programme Manager and Kids/Youth Programme Coordinator, Cambridge Kung Fu


Kung Fu, Yoga, Drawing


My aim is to help people learn to live healthier and happier lives. I believe that practicing martial arts provides an framework to achieve this!