Craig Gallacher

Si Hing Craig Gallacher

Arts Taught

Cambridge Kung Fu Children's Instructor

Martial Arts Experience

Wing Chun Kung Fu and Escrima Weapons Concepts

Other Relevant Experience

Throughout my life I have found myself constantly drawn to the unpredictable, challenging, chaotic, fun, tiring but genuinely rewarding world of working with children. So it's no surprise that my experience is based largely around working with the most inspiring members of our society, kids! Ever since I've been old enough to work I've been running birthday parties and day camps at my local leisure centre, looking after kids as a 'Snow Ranger' in ski resorts, spending summers working at a YMCA summer camp in America, teaching kids in a youth brass band and teaching kids Kung Fu, all of which I have loved. I have been lucky to work with some incredible teachers and leaders that have shown me better ways to inspire and interact with kids to bring out the best in each and every child. In the last two of my five summers in America I was proud to be the Assistant Camp Director, allowing me to gain huge experience in so many areas and in particular helping the counselors work with kids. I now spend a lot of my time passing this experience on to our kids instructors so they can help the kids get the most out of our classes. My sporting life has seen me compete at club level in Swimming, at county level in Badminton and at regional level in Trampolining as well as training as a coach in Trampolining, Badminton and Basketball. Although my background isn't martial arts orientated, I have learnt a lot in my time as a lifeguard, security guard, self employed videographer and even as a paper boy that I hope to be able to pass on to the kids I work with. The most recent chapter of my life has seen me dedicate my spare time to serving as a part time police officer in the role of Special Constable for Cambridgeshire Constabulary. This has been an incredible way to give back to our community at a time where police resources are stretched. At the same time it have given me some almost unbelievable experiences and challenged me in ways I never thought possible due to the vast range of situations I never even knew occurred in Cambridge City!


Kids Instructor, Media and IT for Cambridge Kung Fu


I live a fast paced life taking any opportunity I have time for (I hate having nothing to do!). I have mentioned above most of the things that take up my time and between work, policing and banding I enjoy spending time with my family and attempting to meet up with friends whenever the schedule allows!


My overall goal is to help every single child I work with to make the most of their youth. Help them gain an appreciation for their situation and prepare them for a happy and healthy life, whatever they choose to do as they grow up. Recently this has manifested itself in helping Cambridge Kung Fu become a more efficient and inspiring company to allow all of our staff to concentrate their energy on our students. My aim is to continue to teach every class with the same passion and focus that I have come to expect from myself with the goal of making the most of the time I have with my students. On a personal level, with the arrival of our daughter in 2016, I now have another person that I aim to inspire and teach how to enjoy the world, whilst making the most of the time we have as a family.