Si Hing Neil Ellis

Arts Taught

Adults Escrima Concepts

Martial Arts Experience

Wing Chun with CKF 6 months in 2004. Tai chi with CKF 1 year 2015. Escrima Concepts since May 2013.

Other Relevant Experience

All sorts, from leading kids groups for Suffolk wildlife trust at 16, to leading part of an expedition to the Amazon in 2001, to giving exotic animal Lessons at school, founding the ARU wildlife society and being the national meetings manager for the UK bodypaint league.


Self Employed Landscape Gardener and Aquatic Ecologist


Photography, exploring, climbing, kayaking, snorkelling, bushcraft, having fun, reading, relaxing in the sun and I keep various exotic fish, Invertebrates and Herptiles.


To provide a stable and enjoyable life for my family. To have fun To spread happiness To help others learn Escrima Concepts To learn to fight with a staff and sword in Escrima Concepts (ie complete all the TG (black belt) grades.)