Student Grades 9-12 (Senior)


Student Grades 9-12 (Senior)

WC Senior Syllabus - Overview - Theory/Form/Chi Sau SG9
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WC Senior Syllabus - Overview - Theory/Form/Chi Sau SG11

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WC Senior Syllabus - Revision Overview - SG9-11


Theory to help you with the Senior syllabus:

Primary relevant WC form is: Cham Kiu.
Primary relevant WC footwork is: Chichi Ma, Pin Sa Ma.
Hand position when against weapons:
   1. Close to the body so that they are harder to hit by opponants weapons.
   2. Palms facing towards you when unarmed so that you are not exposing your palms and wrists (veins and nerves) to knife strikes.
Correct way to hold a stick: Close to the end so that there isn't a big 'butt', with your hand relaxed until contact.

Multiple Assailants Primary Strategies:
Run or take out, do not 'fight'.
Get to the outside.
Line them up.
Take a hostage.

Fighting Ranges:
1. Pre-fight or Verbal
2. Long Range: Kicking
3. Medium Range: Punching (Long punches – primarily: Jab, Cross, Swing, 'Over the top')
4. Short Range: Elbows, Knees, some short punches such as hooks and uppercuts, head-butts.
5. Standing Grappling which includes, grabs, controls, throws, takedowns and sweeps.
6. Anti-Ground fighting – you are on the ground but your opponent is standing.
7. Ground-Fighting. All 'fighters' are on the ground.
Defensive Principles (part 2):
1. Funnel/Obstacles: We aim to create an ambush for an attacker by creating a funnel for their attacks to flow into that is filled with obstacles for them to overcome.
2. Deflection and elongation, leverage and rotation – us or them.
3. You must think only of the outcome you desire. This is the job of the conscious mind – visualise the outcome you want. The unconscious mind is built to deal with the details.

Cham Kiu: Sinking the Bridge

Cham Kiu Ideas:
1. Arms and legs working together.
2. Arms moving forwards and backwards simultaneously.
3. Strategies for multiple assailents.
4. Strategies for opponants who are a lot bigger/stronger.
5. Kicking.
6. Keeping your distance.

The essence of Wing Chun: A system for overcoming obstacles in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

3 Elbow Positions:
1. 135
2. 90
3. Compressed.

Aspects of the WC punch:
1. The fist is at a non-conventional angle (not horizontal), which allows for the natural/strongest alignment of the wrist.
2. The elbow is bent, as this allows for any rebounding force to be absorbed down rather than knock you back. Your elbow is also very difficult to manipulate in this orientation.