Dani Beaumont

Si Ji Dani Beaumont

Arts Taught

Kids Instructor

Martial Arts Experience

I was a Tiny Tiger, Little Dragon and Junior Warrior. Then I took a break from Kung Fu and returned in February 2016 as a Kids Instructor and to train in Wing Chun.

Other Arts Practiced

Wing Chun since February 2016

Other Relevant Experience

I am a Young Leader at Scouts, I have been doing Scouts since I was 6, but became a Young Leader in 2014.


I currently work in a nursery doing my Childcare level 3 qualification.


I enjoy art, reading, listening to music and being outdoors whether that is walking my dogs, camping or being out with friends. I also enjoy socialising and spending time with my family.


My goals are to constantly improve myself as a person and my general well being. To challenge myself in my work, education and with new experiences. I also aim to become stronger and more confident as a person.