Thomas Juettemann

 Thomas Juettemann

Arts Taught

Wing Chun Assistant Instructor - Level 1 (SG1-4)

Martial Arts Experience

Judo 10 years Jiu Jitsu 2 years Tae Kwon Do 2.5 years Muay Thai 0.5 years Wing Chun since 2014

Other Relevant Experience

Teaching: various tutorials, introduction and newcomers courses at university. Running workshops about how to use website and computer programs provided by our institute. Youth representative and kids trainer in my first judo club. Competed in judo on federal level in my teenanger years Leadership: Project manager leading a team of 8 programmers in a biotech company. Currently co-chair of the union of out institute (2000 employees, 35 union representatives across 5 countries). Frequently guidingĀ  mediations in order to resolve conflicts between colleagues.


Scientific Programmer Molecular Genetics


Travelling. I like exploring new places and cultures. In order to really experience a culture, I tend to stay with local people (Couchsurfing, AirBnB) as much as possible. I also like movies, with a preference to those screened at the Arts Picturehouse.


Professionally I am currently deciding if I want to focus on my scientific / programming career, or change into professional meditation/negotiation