Wing Chun Chuan


Wing Chun Chuan

  1. SET
  2. BOW (KUNG FU)
  3. PIN SA MA
  5. ZIG ZAG
  6. JUM DA
  7. JUM DA
  8. TIU DA
  9. TIU DA
  10. DAI JARN
  11. DAI JARN
  12. GWY JARN
  13. GWY JARN
  14. FAAN SAU
  15. LAAP SAU
  16. DUN GERK
  17. POK CHEUNG (1, 2, 3, 4)
  18. SET
  19. BOW (KUNG FU)


Wing Chun Chuan comes from China (1 Mark)
Wing Chun Chuan means 'Eternal Springtime System' (2 Marks)
Wing Chun Chuan focuses on efficient movement (1 Mark)
It is believed that the principal creator of Wing Chun Chuan was a woman caled Ng Mui (2 Marks)
It is believed that Ng Mui's first student was also a woman called Yim Wing Chun (2 Marks)
Extra Info (2 Marks)

Move of the Week Videos

During the term that the Tiny Tigers are learning this form, you will find videos here that will help you practice at home.