Joining UCT International and PWC International

Cambridge Kung Fu is an independent Club. However we are also part of a number of martial arts organisations and families. For Wing Chun we are part of Sifu Benno Westra's 'UCT International' (UCT) organisation and Sifu Wan Kam Leung’s 'Practical Wing Chun International' (PWC) organisation.

Members of Cambridge Kung Fu also have the option of becoming members of UCT International and PWC International.

- UCT membership is an annual fee of £37.50, payable in January. If you join UCT after July 1st you only pay £20 for that year.
- PWC is a one-off lifetime membership fee of £40.
- If you join both organisations at the same time you get £10 off the PWC membership, bringing the total to £67.50 (or £50 if after July 1st).

The benefits of joining these organisations are as follows:
UCT membership entitles you to a significant discount on any seminars or workshops taught by Sifu Benno Westra (or any of his instructors). Currently he teaches four weekends (multiple workshops each weekend) each year in the UK. Twice in Cambridge and twice in Winchester. As a member the workshop/seminar will be £10 per hour, rather than £15 (so a three hour workshop would be £30, the non member price would be £45). Sifu Benno also teaches many workshops around Europe and you would always be entitled to the member discount.
Membership also allows you to be graded by Sifu Benno for the Technician Grades (TG), once you have completed the Twelve Cambridge Kung Fu Student Grades. Please note there are multiple routes to achieving the Technician Grade (black belt equivalent) in Wing Chun. These all include passing at least some of the PWC grades.

PWC membership entitles you to be graded in Sifu Wan Kam Leung’s Practical Wing Chun syllabus as a student and/or as an instructor. We normally recommend that Cambridge Kung Fu students complete the twelve Student Grades prior to commencing the PWC grades however this is not a hard rule so if you would like to start these earlier please come and chat to Sifu Ross. You would also be entitled to a member discount on any workshops taught by Sifu Wan Kam Leung or any of his Instructors any where in the world.

If you have any questions about this, or would like to join either/both of these organisations please chat to Ross or Col.