Learn More About Escrima Concepts

Escrima is a fighting art; pure and simple. Originally practiced with knives and machetes in the Philippines, it was more a way of life than a hobby (like people in the wild west owning a gun). These days, the majority of people walking the streets, people like our students, are not in fact carrying around bladed weapons. Instead, should we need to defend ourselves, we have to make do with what we normally have with us; what we are legally allowed to carry around with us in our daily life. Because of this, modern day Escrima Weapons Concepts uses the 5 Concepts (Balance, Power, Focus, Timing and Transition) to convert from traditional weapons like sticks and knives to items like a biro, a mobile phone or a magazine. Instead of having a system of fighting for each separate item, we use the core concepts and our body mechanics to train us to be able to pick up anything and use it instantly as a weapon.

The main principle of Escrima Concepts is; “Don't Get Hit!”. Taking a big 'baseball-bat-like' swing may be effective in terms of the sheer amount of power you can generate, but you are not particularly safe while winding up and starting the manoeuvre. Instead, we aim to keep our weapon between us and our attacker. It is our weapon but also our shield, and from behind this shield we can move to attack or defend.

Because we cannot safely use large, power-generating, gross motor movements, we must learn to develop power by moving our entire body. Escrima Concepts works because an attacker does not get hit by a 7 pound arm holding a mobile phone, instead they get hit by a 12 stone person, all impacting through one small point.