More About Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes

Our beginner classes aim to give you an introductory education into the world of self defence, to raise your self confidence, to generally help you feel empowered through knowledge of what potential threats you may encounter and most importantly to support you in understanding what you are capable of. Wing Chun is concerned with health as much as combat and this balanced view is conveyed in our classes, therefore also in our beginner classes we also aim to teach the conceptual martial art of Wing Chun. The goal is to help you understand how your body works now, and how to make it work more effectively through coordination exercises and drills. We teach you a system to develop your body to become more aware both visually and kinaesthetically; concentrating on Chi-Sau, Lat-Sau and Forms practise.

In our intermediate/senior/advanced classes the aim is to teach a complete self defence system that allows anyone regardless of size or strength to defend themselves effectively against the modern threat they may face on the street today.  We believe that the answer to this has to lie in an internal system rather than an external one.  An internal system means that you will learn how to control and coordinate your body in such a way that your body becomes a linked system that can accumulate power through the understanding of wave mechanics applied to the human body and mind.  You will become adept at understanding all aspects of modern combat including, range, timing, balance and movement.  You will learn how to move softly in the face of superior strength, and to move with power into an opponents weak areas. Also in our intermediate/senior/advanced classes we aim to continue your development through the Wing Chun system, allowing you to grow as a martial artist and as a person. We will support you in your goals and teach you the beautiful system of Wing Chun, showing you how it can apply to all aspects of your life, which will help you to become a more confident, happier, healthier and safer person. This is the ultimate aim of Wing Chun.

All of our classes may include;

  • Pad Work; striking exercises working with a partner, whereby we will teach you how to use your bodies natural weapons in a relaxed and powerful way.
  • Awareness Exercises; games and drills designed to raise your conscious and unconscious awareness of both your external and internal environment.  You will learn how to move in a more coordinated, appropriate and relaxed way to potentially dangerous attacks.
  • Situation Based Exercise Scenarios; we will look at a different scenario, such as someone trying to grab you or someone trying to hit you to give you options and choices in dealing with perceived self defence situations.