Learn More About Wing Chun

Wing Chun is, first and foremost, a system of fighting, as opposed to being a sport or an art. There are no fancy moves or wasted motion in Wing Chun. It is not as visually appealing as other forms of Kung Fu, but it is extremely effective and efficient. Wing Chun allows the practitioner to defend and counter quickly with as little effort as possible and with almost no regard for the size or strength of the opponent.

Wing Chun was developed during a time of war and unrest in China when one's fighting ability meant life or death. Created by the Buddhist monks of Siu Lam (Shaolin), its original purpose was to facilitate the assassination of officials of the Ching or Manchu Dynasty (1644-1912), the foreign tyrants of the Chinese people. Wing Chun is a sophisticated, yet very direct, system that deals superbly with common self-defence situations.

The practice of Wing Chun can promote good health and it is very stimulating to the mind of the practitioner. The more intelligent a person is the more likely he or she will do well in Wing Chun. The simplicity and ingenuity of the system can only be fully appreciated by experiencing it first hand.

Wing Chun is a pure fighting system with a high degree of sophistication and an emphasis on techniques. It is a direct no nonsense system, yet profound, with depths that will take a lifetime to explore. It is mentally stimulating and physically conditioning. It is an excellent example of a problem solving system. It is the product of hundreds of years of development by some of the finest fighters and most brilliant minds that ever lived. Wing Chun is direct, ingenious, and elegant in its simplicity.