Master Benno Westra

Sifu Benno is a private student of Sifu Wan Kam Leung, and is a Wing Chun master in his own right, having studied martial arts since childhood. Sifu Benno has been a champion fighter in Tae Kwon Do and Kyokushinkai Karate, he has also been a special forces soldier and worked in security. He is now a professional Martial Artist teaching Wing Chun, Escrima Concepts and Brazilian Jui Jujitsu. Before discovering his Sifu (Wan Kam Leung), Sifu Benno also completed the Leung Ting Wing Tsun system and the traditional Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun system. He has also trained with several other Wing Chun Masters from Hong Kong and mainland China.

Sifu Ross first met and trained with Sifu Benno in 2007 and became his private student and representative in the UK in 2008. When you train with Sifu Benno (or as he is often known now, Sifu Wai Paan Long; the Chinese name given to him by his Sifu, Wan Kam Leung, meaning 'White Dragon from the West') you get to train with someone who has completely dedicated their life to Martial Arts training, this is a special and rare thing and is truely something to be a part of. Sifu Benno also has extensive real life combat experience as a special forces soldier, as a successful competitor in high level Martial Arts competitions, as a doorman in Amsterdam and on the street, he has seen it all and when you train with him, you get to train with someone who sees the world differently as result of the life he has led. Sifu Benno is also an excellent teacher and a man of integrity in all that he does!

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Sifu Benno and Sifu Ross - 18th/19th Feb Sifu Benno Westra 18th/19th Feb

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