More About Our Escrima Concepts Classes

Our Escrima Concepts class uses a rattan stick as a learning tool. As well as learning to use a piece of wood as a weapon, you are also teaching your subconscious about effective range. This 'beginners' weapon is the same length as your arm, so you learn about you and your opponents unarmed range. When using the back end (or 'butt') you are changing to the unarmed range again, without dropping the weapon. Also, the idea is that this stick is not just a stick, it could also be a rolled up magazine, an umbrella or a rolling pin; the concepts for using any of these as a weapon remain the same. When we teach unarmed concepts this is also the same as using a mobile phone, keys, a knife, a bottle or a biro; the objects may change, but the ideas of movement and the concepts of balance, focus, power, transition, and distance (speed/time) are all used equally as you move from weapon to weapon.