More About Wing Chun Grading

Our gradings are designed to be an educational challenge to help you level up with each step, so that the process is meaningful. Our gradings are not a pay your money and collect your certificate affair. Nor are they unhelpfully arduous they are simply markers along your Kung Fu journey, so you can know when we feel you have taken a step forward in your understanding and your ability to embody the Wing Chun principles.

Special attention needs to be taken at the Revision Grades; 4, 8 & 12. Please only attend if you are confident in your familiarity, skill & understanding of all the relevant drills, including understanding & embodying the theory, this requires significant mindful practise. If you are not ready then the revision gradings can be a long process. Please prepare yourself for this. However if you are ready then it can be a relatively quick and enjoyable process.

As an approximate guide below is a typical time period for how long you can expect to take for each grade. We would say the lower end time period is for a student who consistently trains at least twice a week and practices between class (perhaps only for a few minutes each time). The upper end is for someone who attends consistently once per week and sometimes practices between class.

Beginner Level (1-2 Years approx.)
SG1: 1-3 Months of Training
SG 2: 3 Months of Training
SG 3: 3 Months of Training
SG 4: 3-9 Months of Training

Intermediate Level (1.5-2.5 Years approx.)
SG 5: 4-8 Months of Training
SG 6: 4 Months of Training
SG 7: 4 Months of Training
SG 8: 6-12 Months of Training

Senior Level (2-3 Years approx.)
SG 9: 4-8 Months of Training
SG 10: 4-8 Months of Training
SG 11: 4-8 Months of Training
SG12: 6-12 Months of Training

This takes you up to the Advanced Level where you are now training for your Black Belt , which we call the Technician Grade. A consistent, hard working and talented student could hope to complete the Student Grade syllabus in 4-5 years but it would be well within the realms of normality for this to take 7-8+ years and this is completely fine. There is no rush! Kung Fu is about the journey. The Technician Level is likely to take you another 2-4+ years, again depending on how hard you re willing/able to work. After this you are heading towards Mastery which will take as long as it takes, if you reach this place then Kung Fu will be part of you and so the time scale becomes less important. We hope to see you there, it s a great place to be!

We hope you take this as it is intended, to help inform you of the process. This is certainly not intended to put you off, simply to help you to be aware of the journey you are undertaking. We have made learning and teaching the Art of Kung Fu our life's work, and we know very well how challenging it is. If you are able to stick with it, your weaknesses will be integrated and your strengths enhanced but this is a life long process and there are no short cuts, just hard work. Good luck!