Our Teaching Philosophy

The modern Western approach to teaching is to teach our minds and expect our bodies to follow. The approach in the East has been to teach the body and allow the concepts to filter up to the mind. At Cambridge Kung Fu we take the middle path, fundamentally we teach the body to teach the mind but we also provide mental stepping stones. The problem with teaching the mind is that what we have in our mind will not be what you have in yours. Our picture of a car will always be different from your picture of a car no matter how good we are at explaining it. The problem with teaching the body is that you may not realise that we have a car in mind for a long, long time.

First of all it is important to understand that when it comes to martial arts, it's a good thing that your car looks different from ours. Our Instructors do not want clones of themselves, they want mature people able to make their own choices and be successful given any obstruction or problem. So our philosophy is to describe the car, to show you the car, and to let you feel and experience the car as best we can. We all learn in different ways and by combining these methods you will make the best progress for you. Essentially what we teach are systems for overcoming obstacles in the most globally efficient way possible. This is the way of softness, of responsive strength.