What Is Self Defence?

This may seem an obvious question, but have you ever sat down and thought about defending yourself in a physical battle against another human being? This is probably not a very pleasant thought, and feeling, process for you. It may make you anxious to think about being attacked, you may feel afraid. These are perfectly healthy emotions to feel when thinking about, and visualising, being attacked by another human being.

If you come and train with us our goal is to help you understand your natural fear of physical attack and to give you options and ideas for how to physically and psychologically defend yourself against an attacker. Straight away you will be shown options for how to deal with pretty much any type of attack you may face on the street. Each week you will walk away with more options and a simple system that works at all ranges and types of combat from punches and grabs to defending yourself on the ground and dealing with an armed attacker.

We are not saying that because you will practise these scenarios you will necessarily be able to achieve a positive result against any attacker at any time in any situation immediately. What we think is true for most people is that when we face a problem in life, if there seem to be no options open to us, the situation is a lot more distressing than when we feel we have options open to us; options which allow us to feel more confident and relaxed.

We aim:

  • To teach you the skills to create options and see opportunities, leading to a safer and less stressful life.
  • To, through incremental progression, make you more resilient and agile in your thought and movement.
  • To help you understand adrenaline and your body's reaction to fear and physical threat.
  • To change your mentality from a fear based submissive state to a strength based dominate state (when and where it is needed and appropriate).
  • To help you to become more aware of yourself and your environment and so become better able to avoid confrontation; the best Self Defence of all.
  • To help you understand the law and what you are legally able to do in your defence.
What the law says:
Section 3.1 of the Criminal Law Act of 1967 states that “Any person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in preventing a crime.”
In terms of Self Defence, 'reasonable force' is considered force that is both 'necessary and proportionate'.
Necessary: It must be necessary to use force. If it isn't necessary, you shouldn't use force.
Proportionate: The amount of force used to repel the crime/threat must be proportionate to the amount force threatened.
A very good resource for this subject is 'Understanding Reasonable Force' by Mark Dawes. If you are interested in this subject we recommend that you read this, as it is a very easily understood book explaining how the laws came about and how they are widely used. If you would like more information on this, please speak to us.