What is the 70% Rule of Exercising?

In Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises we follow the 70% rule. In other words don't push anything beyond 70% in your body or mind, never push or force things to occur.

By completing any Tai Chi or Chi Kung technique to only 70% of your current capacity you can;

  •     Absorb and understand what you learn more easily therefore increasing your knowledge.
  •     Reduce your internal resistance and maintain the effort for longer therefore increasing your stamina.
  •     Store your energy for a time when you really need it.
  •     Increase your capacity as you practise, without stress.

If you think about what your 100% would be on any exercise, then aim for 70% of that. If you are just getting started or recovering from an injury reduce to 60%, 50% or less. Aim to achieve what you can comfortably achieve, without putting undue stress or strain on your body, and get used to it. You will soon find that your 100% mark has moved up, and therefore you have a new 70% level to work at.