Wing Chun Philosophy

One of the key linking features of Taoism, Buddhism and Wing Chun philosophy is the idea that happiness, and success, can only be found through letting go of attachment. As Westerners we often have difficulty understanding this concept as it can seem to go against our natural state when it comes to those we love; our friends, families and in particular our children, of course we must be attached to them, mustn't we? Wing Chun teaches that attachment leads to failure, but engagement leads to success! The difference is of vital importance. When we are attached to something we are fine as long as it is there, when it is gone, stress occurs. When we engage in something, we can be completely committed to someone or totally immersed in what we are doing, however when we are engaged, we are able to let go without stress. This does not mean we will not feel, quite the opposite, we will feel even more deeply but without selfishness. Wing Chun teaches that we must be strong and responsive to be happy and successful, and it is this responsive strength that allows for complete engagement without attachment.