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Intelligent Movement

Wing Chun (also written Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun and Yong Chun, amongst others) is one of the many types of Chinese martial arts known collectively as Kung Fu. Wing Chun Chuan, which means 'the eternal spring fighting system', is an extremely sophisticated and effective martial art.

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The Benefits of Wing Chun

Wing Chun is an excellent self defence system and in addition to this the movements are all fundamentally beneficial to health. In our classes you will learn to move and coordinate your body in effective, efficient and dynamic ways which will allow you to defend yourself and help to make you stronger, healthier, more balanced and more relaxed. You will also develop a greater awareness and understanding of how your body and mind relate and work together.

Wing Chun teaches correct posture, structure and alignment; once these are balanced effectively you will be stronger. Often strength is associated with hardness, and stiffness, but, due to the way that you achieve strength through training in Wing Chun, one of the key benefits is that you will also learn to become more relaxed and more responsive.

The Aims of Wing Chun

Wing Chun seeks to find the answer to being simultaneously soft/flexible (spring like) and strong. This combination of qualities can enable a much smaller practitioner to defeat a larger opponent. However the idea of 'soft strength' has many greater applications than just in combat and it is our aim to teach our students not only to be able to defend themselves effectively but more importantly to teach them how being both flexible and strong in their minds and their bodies can benefit them in every aspect of their lives.

Wing Chun employs the strategies of the Chinese classic General Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War', which is what helps to make it such a highly effective martial art for self defence. Cambridge Kung Fu students learn to understand the ways in which they are inherently strong and weak and how to be able to identify this in others. The aim is that knowing oneself and ones 'opponent' gives us confidence and the ability to be successful in whatever conflict type situation we may find ourselves in.

“If you know yourself and you know your enemy, one hundred battles may be fought without fear!” General Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War'.

This quote epitomises the goal of Wing Chun training, which is to live your life freely, full of confidence and with the ability to conquer your fears. This is possible through understanding who you are, which will enable you to see others as they truly are. At Cambridge Kung Fu we believe that although this is a difficult path, it is one that leads to you achieving your goals and living a happy life.

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Our Wing Chun Classes

All the classes at Cambridge Kung Fu are taught in a relaxed and friendly environment. We want to build your confidence, not diminish it. The skills we aim to teach you take time to develop, so we try to create an environment where learning and creativity are encouraged, allowing everyone to have a good time while they progress.

We live and love martial arts and we aim to express the passion we have for martial arts in each class we teach. At times there will be pressure and you will have to work hard, but the pressure is increased gradually and in line with your ability to deal with it in a positive way. Our classes are about pushing yourself; learning to have the self discipline to achieve your goals personally and not through competition with others.

The Beginners class teaches the basics of Wing Chun as a martial art and as a form of self defence. After a period of one year, sometimes more, you will be ready to progress to the Intermediate class; here the work gets more technical and there is a bit more expectation placed on you especially during your gradings. However, by this time you will have started to learn strategies to deal with this pressure, understanding one of the most important lessons in martial arts; that everyone feels fear and that unless you feel fear it is impossible to show courage and be brave.

The best way to learn about our classes is to come along and try a few for free. Contact Us to arrange to come along and try out a few of our Wing Chun Classes.

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Our Wing Chun Teachers

At Cambridge Kung Fu we are very fortunate to have experienced Wing Chun from some of the top Wing Chun Masters in the world, including Grandmaster Leung Ting and Grandmaster Keith Kernespect and their Wing Tsun system. We now practice Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung's Practical Wing Chun under Sifu Wan's private student; Master Benno Westra.

Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung was the senior student of the late great Wong Shun Leung, teacher to Bruce Lee and generally regarded as one of the greatest fighters of his generation in the world. Sifu Wan Kam Leung is also a regular visitor to Europe conducting seminars and training camps. Learn more about 'Wan Kam Leung'.

Our Chief Instructor, Sifu Ross Sargent, is a private student of Master Benno Westra (also known as Sifu Wai). Master Benno has completed the Wing Tsun system of Grandmaster Leung Ting and the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun system as taught by Master David Peterson and has also been a very successful full contact fighter in Kyokushin Karate. With his senior student, Sifu Pele Nguyen, Master Benno is a regular visitor to the UK and conducts seminars for Cambridge Kung Fu. Learn more about 'Master Benno Westra'.

Our Senior Instructor, Col Maggs, is a private student of Sifu Ross and also regularly trains with Sifu Benno.

In joining Cambridge Kung Fu you have the opportunity to become a member of both Sifu Benno's UCT International organisation based in Holland and Sifu Wan Kam Leungs Practical Wing Chun organisation based in Hong Kong.

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Wing Chun Grading

We hold regular gradings for those who wish to progress through our syllabus. For beginners we have grading every three months, when students can choose to take their next grade if they feel ready. For the basic grades, three months is normally plenty of time based on students training twice per week. For the intermediate and senior grades we grade every 4 months. Some higher grades often require more than one grading rotation to pass.

There are 12 Student Grades followed by 4 Technician Grades. The First Technician Grade is the 'Black Belt' equivalent in Wing Chun. After the Technician Grades are completed there are two Master Grades. There are also several Instructor Grades for anyone who wants to pass their knowledge on to fellow students. Learn more about 'Instructor Grades'.

  • Grades 1-4 are the Beginner Grades and students working towards these wear a White T-Shirt.
  • Grades 5-8 are the Intermediate Grades and students working towards these wear a Green T-Shirt.
  • Grades 9-12 are the Senior Grades and students working towards these wear a Brown T-Shirt.
  • Students who pass their Twelfth Grade are then on the Advanced Level and wear a Black T-Shirt.
  • Technicians wear Black and Red.
  • Masters wear Red.

Student Grades Syllabus Overview:

Beginner SG1-4: First Form - Siu Nim Tao | Self Defence - Grabs, Ambushes, Confrontations | Basic Tactile (Chi Sau) and Visual (Lat Sau) skills training.

Intermediate SG5-8: Small sequences to train hands and footwork with applications | Self Defence - Adhoc situational training | Chi Sau - Traditional single and double arm training | Lat Sau - Anti-Grappling, Anti-Ground Fighting, Close Range Strikes.

Senior SG9-12: Second Form - Chum Kiu | Self Defence - Adhoc situational training | Chi Sau - Exploring weaknesses to exploit and neutralise | Lat Sau - Multiple Assailants, Weapons Awareness, Controls and Takedowns | Can opt to also start Practical Wing Chun -  Siu Nim Tao Syllabus at this time.

For more information about how Wing Chun Gradings work, please click here.


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