Cambridge City Council Events

We are pleased to have a strong relationship with Cambridge City Council and in particular their Sports Development Service. As a result of this relationship we have partnered with them on several occasions as part of various events.

Disability Sport and Arts Festival

Cambridge Kung Fu have been involved in the City Council's Disability Sport and Art Festival since 2011.

The Festival celebrates the diverse range of creative and sporting activities and events that are inclusive and accessible to both non-disabled and disabled participants, their carers and families. The festival is open to all, regardless of age or ability and welcomes people with sensory or physical disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health service users, the disadvantaged and people undergoing rehabilitation and recovery. The festival is open to people of all ages with a disability as well as their carers and families. Many local sports clubs and arts organisations are involved in the event including Cambridge Kung Fu!

Generation Games

The Generation Games is a project aimed at inspiring all members of the family to participate in fun, sporting activities together.

Cambridge Kung Fu have been involved in the Generation Games since February 2012 when we were part of the Council's Multi-Sports Festival; a day long session during Half Term where families were invited to come along and try out lots of different sports and activities throughout the day. During 2012 we also ran Generation Games taster sessions in May, September and October. At all of these sessions we offered families the chance to try out our Kung Fu games as well as some basic moves/self-defence.

More recently we have been involved with a Sports Taster Day during the October Half Term of 2014, again an event aimed at people of all ages.Generation Games Project

Parasport Campaign

We have also been involved in the Cambridge Parasport Campaign, another campaign organised by Cambridge City Council. These taster sessions were open to young people who are disabled and able bodied and the campaign aimed to raise awareness of disability, promote interest in the Paralympic Games and break down barriers around disability sport.

We first became involved with the Parasport Campaign during August 2012 when we held a two hour session at the start of a week that also included archery, athletics, boccia, goalball, rowing, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and tennis. Below, you will find a news article about our Kung Fu session by Cambridge Evening News and a video made by 'Sky Badger'; a cool website that lets people know about what help, advice and opportunities are available for families with a child or children who have disabilities or life threatening illnesses.

We also ran a session at the Parasport Finale Event at the end of the week. During this event the Paralympic Flame also made an appearance!

Kung Fu Summer Crash Course

In the summer of 20112 we were asked, by the Council, to run a 6 week Kung Fu course that catered for people with disabilities. This fantastic opportunity, part-funded by the Council, saw our amazing instructors teaching two classes each week for ages 7-11yrs and 12-18yrs allowing us to reach even more of the local community. As a result of this, and with some initial funding from the Council, we were able to start our own class for children and young people with disabilities called the 'Snow Leopards'.

The Big Weekend

Cambridge Kung Fu have been involved with the Big Weekend since 2009. The Big Weekend offers three days of free entertainment on Parker's Piece, in the heart of Cambridge, featuring live music, market stalls, showcasing of community talent, fireworks and lots of sports activities.

Cambridge Kung Fu can generally be found at the Big Weekend on both the Saturday and Sunday offering our unique Kung Fu games to any children who want to come along and play. Also giving teenagers and adults a taste of our Wing Chun classes and offering a taste of our Tai Chi, Escrima and CST classes to adults also.

Check out some photos from the Big Weekend 2012 on our Latest News page and a video of the Big Weekend 2013...


In August 2012 Cambridge Kung Fu were involved in a ChYpPS (Children and Young People's Participation Service at Cambridge City Council) community event at Cherry Hinton Rec. We attended the event for a couple of hours running Kids and Youth Kung Fu activities.

The Children and Young People's Participation Service works with children and young people of all ages across the city and are dedicated to ensuring that all children and young people in Cambridge can access play and youth provision throughout the year. They organise activities in local neighbourhoods in response to need, and also deliver a variety of closed and targeted group projects. To find out more about ChYpPS you can visit their website.