Filipino Martial Arts Festival UK

10:00 - 17:00

What: Filipino Martial Arts Festival, UK

When: Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th October, 10am-5pm

Where: Peterborough (Immortal 365, 3 Milnyard Square, Orton Southgate, PE2 6GX)

Price: £35 for one day, or £55 for the whole weekend

Details: The FMA Festival is a yearly opportunity to train under the top instructors from a huge range of martial arts originating in the Philippines. There are approximately 22 styles being represented over the weekend, so you are able to try out, and get a feel for, many of the different styles out there, while training with students who don't study exactly the same style as us. The weekend is great fun and a good experience (especially for the middle grades who are expected to have a basic understanding of other styles, which helps your understanding of why we do what we do).

Several members of the club are going, so if you would like to share lifts/hotel rooms, or if you have any other questions, please contact Col at There is also more information on the FMA facebook page.