Kids Community Classes Grading

09:00 - 18:30

What: Kids Community Classes Grading

When: Monday 3rd June - Saturday 15th June (inclusive) for Little Dragons, Junior Warriors and Snow Leopards.

Where: During your child's regular class(es)

Details: Grading for the Little Dragons, Junior Warriors and Snow Leopards will begin on Monday 3rd June and continue through to Saturday 15th June inclusive.

If your child would like to practice for their grading at home then you can visit the relevant pages on our website where you will find a list of the form moves, all the questions/facts and the 'Move of the Week' videos.

Little Dragons - Tae Kwon Do

Junior Warriors - Systema

If your child will be away for one of the grading weeks then please ensure that their instructor is aware of this so that they can make sure they grade them on the alternative week. If your child will be away for both grading weeks then please Contact Us to discuss the options.

The Micro Monkeys and Tiny Tigers do not grade but all age groups will have a Ceremony. If you and your Micro Monkey would like to practice at home, their 'Move of the Week' videos can be found on the Micro Monkey page. If you have a Tiny Tiger that would like to practice at home, their moves, facts and 'Move of the Week' videos can be found on the relevant page on our website.

Micro Monkeys - Hare

Tiny Tigers - Hare vs Tortoise

Snow Leopards will be learning one of the forms mentioned above, or working through our Youth Kung Fu syllabus. Please speak to a Snow Leopards Instructor to find out which form your child is currently studying.

For more information about grading please visit our Learn More: Grading and Ceremonies page.