Micro Monkeys Saturday Ceremony

11:15 - 12:00
Netherhall Sports Centre, Cambridge

What: Micro Monkeys Saturday Ceremony

When: Saturday 7th December, 11.15am - 12pm

Where: The Pavilion Room, Netherhall Sports Centre

Details: There will be Ceremonies for our Micro Monkeys, Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons, Junior Warriors and Snow Leopards. One of these Ceremonies will be during the week and one will be on a Saturday (with the exception of Micro Monkeys and Snow Leopards who will have Ceremonies during their regular classes).

For those people who may not have been to a Ceremony before, they are held at the end of each term and bring together all students from one particular group; it is a chance to recognise all the hard work they have put in throughout the term and present them with their Certificates! Parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents etc. are all invited to join us.

Please note your child should only come to one Ceremony.

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