November Escrima Concepts Seminar Day

12:30 - 19:30
Hills Road Sports and Tennis Centre, Cambridge

What: Escrima Concepts Seminar with Grandmaster Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin

When: Saturday 23rd November, 12:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Hills Road Sports & Tennis Centre (The Gallery)

Details: The Chief Instructor of Escrima Concepts, Grandmaster Steve Tappin, has been training and teaching martial arts around the world since the 1970's, and uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to make learning armed and unarmed martial arts both understandable and enjoyable. With a big focus on how correct body mechanics and movement can make your life easier when dealing with any attacker, his seminars are essential for anyone wanting to develop their self defence skills. Accompanying him will be Wayne Tappin who is a 4th Technician (Dan/Degree Black Belt), also an excellent teacher, and is a perfect example of how you don't need size and physical strength to be able to defend yourself if you train enough.

The seminar is open to all students of all abilities and styles, this is your chance to learn from one of the top armed and unarmed instructors around.

For current Escrima Concepts students the day will be spent working on and developing your current level within the syllabus, and you will be able to grade if you are ready. The aim is to improve your skills with the weapons you are currently training, and also to develop your understanding of the transition to other weapons/unarmed and look at non-syllabus material that is related to your current grade.

Non-Escrima Concepts members will work on exercises relevant to their existing weapons knowledge. If you have little/no existing knowledge you will begin with the basics and work on gaining an understanding of how to move with weapons, weapons awareness, and how you can add this to your own art.

Cambridge Kung Fu and Escrima Concepts Members - £30 per session (£50 for both sessions)
Non Cambridge Kung Fu Members/Non Escrima Concepts Members - £40 per session (£70 for both sessions)
Grading: SG1-3 £15 each, SG4-6 £20 each, SG7-9 £25 each.

For more information, or to book your place, please Contact Us or call 01223 410555.