Padded Stick Sparring

19:00 - 21:00

What: Padded Stick Sparring

When: Friday 5th April, 7pm-9pm

Where: Cambridge Kung Fu HQ

Price: £25 (or £20 if you have your own sticks and gloves), £30 for Non-Members

Details: The aim of these workshops will be to put you under pressure with your training, and for those interested in preparing for the National Competitions. The workshops will aim to challenge you but you will be in control the whole time, so you will never be pushed to continue when you don't feel able to do. We will still be focusing on movement and good strategy but in more ambiguous/chaotic/competitive drills. We will look at combinations of single stick, double stick, and staff.

Groin/chest guard is recommended - they are padded sticks, but they can still sting! For your first session you may use the club sticks, but otherwise you will need to bring your own (see details below). We will supply all the other equipment needed but if you would like to buy your own we can point you to where to get them from. Equipment that we will use in the workshops are: Head Guards, Gloves, Padded Armour (optional), Padded Sticks.

Open to all Members (including Wing Chun Members) and Non-Members.

Youth Kung Fu students will be considered on an individual basis, so if you are keen to attend please get in touch and we will consider whether we feel you are ready for the workshop.

Maximum of 8 places. Contact us to reserve your space at

Padded sticks can be bought here: We recommend the Iron Rodds/Stikks as they last the longest. When you are planning to order let us know as we can group together to save on P&P.

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