Tim Waterschoot Teaching in Escrima

19:00 - 00:30
St. Matthew's Primary School, Cambridge

What: Tim Waterschoot teaching in Escrima Concepts

Tuesday 13th August, 7pm-10pm
Thursday 15th August, 11am-12.30pm

Where: St. Matthew's Primary School (Normal Venue)

Price: £20. If you'd like this to be added to your next available monthly payment please let us know.

Details: On Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th August we will be hosting Master Tim Waterschoot from Kabuto JuJitsu in Wassminster, Belgium in our regular Escrima Concepts classes. Tim has been a friend of Cambridge Kung Fu for many years and last taught here back in 2017. This time he will be teaching in the Escrima classes focussing on Grappling: Standing up, going to the ground, and on the ground. Tim also teaches a branch of Escrima that comes from the same family as our Escrima Concepts (his teacher was also one of Grandmaster Steve's original teachers) and so he will also be able to transition and show how to relate the techniques to when working with weapons.

All adult Cambridge Kung Fu members are welcome to attend these sessions.