Wayne Tapin Teaching Escrima

20:00 - 22:00
St. Matthew's Primary School, Cambridge

What: Wayne Tapin teaching the Escrima Concepts class
When: 8pm - 10pm
Where: St. Matthew's Primary School

On Tuesday 9th January Wayne Tappin will be visiting the regular Escrima Concepts class and teaching for the evening from 8pm-10pm (an extra half an hour!) at St. Matthew's Primary School.

Wayne has been training martial arts from a very young age, and now spends his time teaching instructors and clubs throughout the world; if you want to learn how a small person can move and beat people twice their size and weight, this is the guy to know!

This session is open to all students of all levels and disciplines and costs £10 for regular members of the Escrima Concepts class, £15 for other Cambridge Kung Fu/ Escrima Concepts members.

There is also the opportunity for Escrima Concepts students to grade during the session with Wayne; please contact us if you are interested in doing this. Student Grades 1-3 cost £15 each, SG4-6 cost £20 each, and SG7-9 cost £25 each.