Escrima Concept Seminar with Grandmaster Steve Tappin


What a weekend! On Saturday 23rd November we had Grandmaster Steve Tappin and Wayne Tappin (4th Technician Grade) run a grading seminar for us here in Cambridge. This time, joined by a few students from Suffolk, Norwich, and London, we had nearly the whole Cambridge club in attendance, resulting in 7 separate groups of students! Thankfully we had Jason from Norwich EC and Neil from Suffolk EC there to help us grade and work with the various groups.
As always, everyone worked hard to show Steve and Wayne their best whilst assimilating any corrections and extra details being given. 6 hours is a long day when the pressure of grading is added.

Well done to everyone who took part, and congratulations to the following for passing their grades:

Student Grade 1: Elliot, Nick, and Stuart
Student Grade 4: Helen, Julian, and Samuel
Student Grade 5: Fong and Stephen
Student Grade 7: Amy, James, and Martyn

The following day the senior students joined the Instructor Teams from Cambridge, Suffolk, Norwich, and Southwest London for another 6 hours training with Steve and Wayne. This time we focussed on how to teach Grade 8 - which is where blades are first introduced into the Escrima Concepts Student Grades. On a rather chilly November day, it only took 20 minutes of training indoors before everyone moved outside to train in the cold due to the amount of energy being expended trying to not get stabbed (sometimes even successfully!). A passer by commented ā€œIā€™m getting exhausted from just watching them.ā€ Breaks were filled with theory and discussions about why we train with and against different weapons, the consequences of being attacked by them and the options open to us when using them.

Sunday also saw Neil working on his Staff form in preparation for his 1st Technician Grade. As well as learning the basics of using this large weapon students are expected to create their own partner form to show their understanding of its possibilities and strategies.

Although a long, intensive weekend of training, everyone had fun and was able to develop their knowledge and skills to a higher level. You now have two months to recover/prepare for the Wake Up Weekend at the end of January.

More photos can be seen here:
Saturday EC Seminar:
Sunday EC Instructor Training: