Escrima Concepts: Intensive Training Course 2018


On the last weekend of July we held our yearly ITC (Intensive Training Course); 15 hours of focussed training over three days. This year we looked at the progression and development of double sticks though the syllabus. From patterns for coordination, targeting, and movement, through basic and intermediate strategies for attacking and defending with and against two weapons, into breaking patterns and as always the unarmed transitions.

Here’s Zoe’s take on the weekend:

"Without a shadow of a doubt, CKFs Escrima Summer Camp is on my list of things not to miss next year.

I am currently going for grade one, so fully expected to be completely out of my depth at the ITC.

Day one: It was super hot and I fully expected that this would be my make or break day for how the rest of the ITC went for me but pretty early on in the day I realised how everything I'd been preparing for grade one was linked into the higher grades. Watching people's footwork, it was the footwork we'd learned. Watching how one stick led into two and all our unarmed stuff was all based on 'if we had a weapon' still. It made a lot of sense. By the end of day one I'd felt I'd done pretty well. Obviously I was out of my depth in somethings and just couldn't get my head around it at the time but looking at it I could see how it linked in and worked within the drill. Everything just made sense.

Day two: seemed to be a bit of a blur, I think we did a lot of new patterns for me on day two which threw me completely. I still hand on heart believe double stick pattern two is THEE hardest to learn out of all three of the patterns I saw that day. But gradually over about an hour I picked it up and felt confident enough to drill it with people much higher grades than me and link it into drill pattern one in a continuous loop.

Day three: Day three was hilarious. We did some padded stick sparring. I love sparring, it was a huge part of training at my previous club and so I was more than happy to get stuck in. Now, I am short and everyone knows this who trains with me but I wasn't expecting to look quite as tiny as I did in the huge padded protection jacket thing which made me look like a small tank. After initially laughing for the first ten minutes, I was happy to crack on and try some stuff out. I can hand on heart say this has been the funnest weekend I've had all year. Who knew that fighting isn't fun, winning is fun. Me. After the ITC.

A huge thanks to Col and everyone who came to the ITC and trained with me it was super fun and worth every crack and splinter my sticks got."

The full album of photos can be seen by clicking here.