Escrima Seminar Weekend - April 2018


This weekend was a scorcher and we were delighted to have Grandmaster Steve Tappin and 4th TG Wayne Tappin in Cambridge to teach and grade our Escrima Concepts members. Saturday was grading and working on syllabus material for all grades, and Sunday was Instructor training to help the Instructor Team up their game as teachers. Lots of hard work by everyone on developing their syllabus and Escrima knowledge, and congratulations to the following who passed their grades:

SG1: Alan
SG2: Madeleine, Helen, and Julian
SG3: Fong
SG4: Jessica, and Ash
SG5: Dermot, and David

The following write up is by GM Steve:

"We trained weapons (single and double stick combinations) control flow drills, unarmed v weapons, disarms, locks, takedowns or takeout training. Unarmed v unarmed transitions, some theory and we tested some grades. It's hard to keep concentration for long periods of time with weapons and in this heat its harder. They ALL did extremely well.

Our seniors training, warmed up with palm sticks and used this in tri-sparring whilst understanding how to control the baseline with economy of movement, learn to buy time and distance alongside other theories. We trained some environmental training (from chairs to stair work) then repeated this with unarmed against a weapon. Most of this training was from unknown attacks with power and speed, ensuring our angles are correct using our concepts with the correct body mechanics and using the environment to their advantage. A lot of hard work and training involved alongside discipline and mental preparation to train 7 hours on this type of training.”

A big thank you to Steve and Wayne for an excellent weekend of training, and to those who came from other clubs to support us - Norwich, South West London. And Saffron Walden.

There are more photos in our photo album here: EC Seminar April