Escrima Seminar Weekend - October 2016


On October 8th and 9th we had Grandmaster Steve and Wayne Tappin visit Cambridge to spend the weekend improving our Escrima Concepts. Saturday was six hours of Instructor Training working on the new SG6 syllabus, with the Cambridge team being joined by instructors from Saffron Walden, Norwich, and London. As the last of the Intermediate grades, SG6 wraps up the single and double stick strategies learnt so far, before new weapons are added in the Senior grades.

You can check out a few videos from the Instructor Training in the playlist here:

Sunday saw the whole club being graded throughout the day, proving to be another successful 6 hours of training. We had students going for Beginner, Intermediate, and Senior grades, and everyone’s hard work over the past 6 months paid off as everyone passed with flying colours. As well as the gradings, Tiest, Neil and Rin also received their Level 1 Assistant Instructor, and were the first ones to achieve this in the new syllabus! So well done to everyone, and thank you for doing your best and showing just how good you all are.