Free Self Defence Seminar 2016


On Sunday 17th January we held our yearly free Self Defence session for friends and family of Cambridge Kung Fu. This year we planned it slightly differently and started by getting all attendees to individually brainstorm what they would like to get out of the session. All the answers were then collated on the whiteboard and the session tailored to meet those objectives. Amongst the expected results of: ‘self defence that’s easy to remember’, ‘dealing with stressful situations’ and ‘multiple attackers’ we also got some more unusual ones like ‘getting ideas on how to teach self defence’ and ‘find out if my friends enjoy this as much as I do’. Check out photos of the whiteboards below (half collated by Steve and half by Col - hence the two different layout styles!). One of the big areas we looked at in-depth was how to practice Awareness, Focus, and Resilience in your daily lives so that they aid you in your Self Defence abilities as well as transitioning to other areas of life.

Some of the feedback we’ve had so far:

"I got an awful lot out of it, on many levels and aside from the practical stuff have taken away food for thought."

"As well as being absorbing, useful, and fun, it affected me quite deeply in a way I did not expect. Through talking about self defence over the years, I knew a lot about the 'theory' .... but the experience of 'ferocity' in a completely safe environment was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I found this very powerful and quite unsettling, in a very positive way."

"I really enjoyed the seminar, and have taken away some key messages, which I am repeating to myself regularly, to try to keep them in mind. Thank you."

"I do feel privileged to have been invited, and have told at least 5 people about it so far. I know I will remember some key things about the usefulness of awareness, core strength and balance.”

Finally, a big thanks to Thomas and Alex for coming along and helping out, it was great to have you along with us.