Free Self Defence Workshop 2014


On Sunday 4th May we offered a Free Self Defence Workshop to the public of Cambridge. Our aim was to teach the basic ideas and concepts of Self Defence to people who didn't regularly train with us, but who felt they would like to have some choices available in case they ever got into an unpleasant situation. With 25 attendees, plus a few regular members, we had a really enjoyable and informative morning teaching everyone a variety of skills. In particular; Awareness, Focus, Resilience, and Integration, and how these self defence skills can be incorporated into your daily life.

Here is some of the feedback we received from participants:

"The workshop on Sunday was really useful, please could you pass on my thanks to the guys for running the session." - Katherine

"We both had a great time! Thank you for letting us know about it." - John

"Thank you for the fantastic workshop and your time - it really was enlightening. We were impressed with the teaching style and the reasoning behind the actions as well as their effectiveness. It was really good practising against different partners too - to get an idea of size differences alone!" - Francesca

"I got a really positive feeling after the workshop and it was for sure very well-spent time." - Vladimir

"Thank you very much for the very useful workshop on Saturday 7th May. It was well organised, challenging but achievable." - Babeta

We are really happy that this session was a success, and are looking forward to doing another one again in the future.