Goodbye to Izzy, Peter, Max and Isaac


"We recently said goodbye to some of our longest serving students; Isaac, Izzy, Peter & Max who are all off to University. All four of them completed our kids & Youth Syllabus, with Izzy, Isaac & Peter going on to complete our Adults Wing Chun syllabus as well! Izzy, Max & Peter have also been valued members of kids instructor team. All of them have put in over a decade of practise with Cambridge Kung Fu which is a real achievement! We will hopefully be seeing them again in the future but for now this is goodbye & good luck!" - Sifu Ross

Izzy and Max on their last Instructor Team meeting with the rest of the Instructors.

Peter and Isaac with members of the Adult Instructor Team after just completing their Student Grade 12 pressure test to complete our Student Syllabus in Wing Chun.

Isaac with Col and Ross after his last Wing Chun class.