Grappling Seminar, June 2019


We had a Stand-up Grappling and Basic Groundwork Seminar with Grandmaster Steve and Wayne Tappin back in June 2019.

Martyn; our Senior Escrima Concepts Student's thoughts about the seminar:

"I wasn’t sure what to expect from an Escrima Concepts grappling seminar. While Escrima Concepts is primarily a stand-up system focusing on understanding weapons and how their use translates to unarmed combat, I knew that Grandmaster Steve and his son Wayne had a background in Catch Wrestling so I was keen to learn more about how that art influenced the development of their Escrima.

The day began with Steve teaching us some basic techniques for controlling an attacker while both attacker and defender remain standing. One of the things I’ve always liked about Escrima Concepts is that while it draws in elements from a range of arts – including traditional Escrima and historical European martial arts – it is first and foremost reality-focused. As such, while there is a considerable amount of technique involved in executing the controls themselves – whether applying pressure to the neck or hyper-extending a joint – the emphasis was on the initial movement and getting to a good position so that a range of options are available. This means that the concepts and movements are transferable not only to different weapon and unarmed applications, but also to the street where the first movement is often decisive and overly complex techniques can prove difficult to execute in the heat of combat. The way in which the new techniques built on and supplemented aspects of the Escrima Concepts syllabus meant that the learning curve was just right – there was a lot of new material, but it was based on a foundation of familiar concepts and movements.

After a little food and a lot of water, it was time for the second half of the day – this time led by Wayne. The focus here was mostly on takedowns – getting the fight to the ground whilst maintaining a dominant position. I particularly liked the way in which the takedown techniques were initiated from the control positions we’d worked on in the first part of the day. This not only linked the two sessions together nicely, but also presented the takedown as an option that can be deployed from a good position – again emphasising the importance of the first movement. We practiced some relatively gentle takedowns – focusing on taking the person down and controlling them through pressure – as well as some throws that would, if deployed on concrete, be pretty devasting in their own right. However, everyone was very controlled in their training, we helped each other learn, and there were no injuries – besides some inevitable soreness the next day the only lasting effects were some fun memories and (hopefully!) increased knowledge!

I’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Steve and Wayne Tappin for coming down to share a little of their knowledge, and also to Col for organising this opportunity – I’m very much looking forward to the next one!"

Here are some photos taken from the day. You can find more on our Facebook page: Escrima Concepts: Intro to Stand-up Grappling and Basic Groundwork