Kids & Youth Summer Camp 2018


During the first full week of the Summer Holidays (Monday 30th July - Friday 3rd August 2018) we held our Kids & Youth Summer Camp at Trumpington Meadows Primary School. Each day, from 9:30am-3:30pm we were joined by 81 children as well as our Youth Kung Fu students!

This year's Summer Camp students attended ‘Superhero Training School’ and each day the activities centred around our important Superhero skills (also our Fundamental skills); Focus, Awareness, Resilience and Integration. They were then set off to defeat
their Arch Enemy, the Disconnector and his sidekicks Distracto, Oblivio and Britillo.

As well as playing lots of our Kung Fu games (which challenged and developed the children's Superhero skills), other activities throughout the week included learning a Superhero skill based form as well as craft activities such as designing their Superhero outfits and creating their Superhero Profiles.

The week culminated, on Friday, with a special Summer Camp Ceremony to which parents and siblings etc. were invited. At the Ceremony the children were given the chance to demonstrate what they have been learning throughout the week and then they received their special Summer Camp Badge and Certificate which was designed by last year's Badge Competition winner William.

Also at the Ceremony we were treated to a demonstration by the Youth Kung Fu students (whose Summer Camp ran simultaneously) which showcased the results of their Kung Fu training across the week and was really inspiring for our younger students!

Check out the great pictures below to see just some of the fun we had...