Kids Ceremonies - June 2018


On Wednesday 20th and Saturday 23rd June we held our Ceremonies which marked the end of our Summer 2018 term!

During the term the Tiny Tigers had been learning the Horse vs Beetle form, the Little Dragons had been learning a form based on Tang Soo Do and the Junior Warriors had been learning a form based on Escrima. Some of our Snow Leopards had also been studying a variety of these forms whilst others had been learning elements from our Youth Kung Fu syllabus.

As well as demonstrating the forms/syllabus they had been learning during the term, the students also showed off a variety of their Kung Fu skills during a big game at each of the Ceremonies and, most excitingly, they were presented with their Certificates and Badges to mark their achievements throughout the term.

Also, in our Tigers, Dragons and Warriors Ceremonies we presented the Student of the Season Award. Only one child from each age group is presented with the Student of the Season Award each term so it is very special. The award goes to the student who we feel has best demonstrated the Cambridge Kung Fu fundamental skills of Awareness, Focus, Resilience and Integration.

The winners of the Summer Student of the Season award for 2018 were as follows;

Tiny Tiger SOTS = Joshua
Little Dragon SOTS = Bella
Junior Warrior SOTS = Alex

Tigers, Dragons, Warriors and Snow Leopards Ceremony photos are below...