My Wing Chun Journey, by John SG12


Back in May 2018 John had completed the Student Grades of our Wing Chun syllabus so we asked him to write a few words about his journey to give other people an insight about what it’s like. 


"I started with Wing Chun just over five years ago. Before that I'd always been interested in physical activities - break dancing, basketball, rock climbing, hiking. I'd tried karate when I was younger but I was put of by it quite quickly because I didn't feel it was helping me to dig deeper into my physical and mental self. 

My brother had already been doing wing chun with a school in London for many years, we'd both grown up watching Bruce Lee movies and trying out random martial arts tutorials online. He took a look at the CKF website for me and said they looked like a good school with a good lineage.

The first lesson I attended at CKF I was curious to see what it was like and of course slightly nervous. What if I had to fight or defend myself right off the bat? What if I didn't get on with anyone else there?

Well those worries were put to rest very quickly. I met Ross, Steve and Col all within my first few sessions. They were friendly, open and welcoming. It seemed to me that their way of martial arts involved few rules, instead a focus on underlying patterns - a great deal of curiosity, openness and exploration focussed on truths rather than traditions.

What made me decide to start going regularly were three main points - 1) Wing Chun was something I'd wanted to learn for a long time, 2) CKF felt like a community that would offer me friendship and likeminded people to improve with, 3) there was a general softness to the lessons and the teaching style that allowed space for us all to learn and progress at the pace that was best for us. The final point was exactly what I wanted - space to explore and discover while being offered a solid, well structured system, and on collective decades of training from the instructors.

Over the years I gradually and consistently found myself improving in many ways. I was confidently improving the forms, learning more and more about the deeper patterns of wing chun - the angles, the intentions and how all of these patterns result in effective self defence and general movement.

There were times where I had to focus on other aspects on my life - taking months out at a time - whenever I was ready to come back I was always greeted with warm welcomes and found it very easy to pick up where I left off. 

My two favourite parts of being a part of CKF and this community are 1) I feel I've made connections for like with people who I share respect and many positive experiences, 2) I've been welcomed and given the tools I've desired to explore my health, wellbeing, and confidence - both in the context of self defence and the way that I interact within myself and the world around me.

The journey I'm on with CKF is an aspect of my life I am always glad to have. It's a consistent positive, in which the direction is always exploration, growth and celebration with my peers. On the practical side it's been a way to stay active, keep healthy, gain confidence in protecting myself and those the I care about, and I've also experienced significant recovery in my joints and injuries I had before starting. 

For anyone thinking about joining the CKF family I couldn't recommend an investment of your time any more than coming along and giving it a try - meeting a bunch of us and experiencing the greatness that CKF is for yourself!