Self Defence Seminar 2015


On Sunday 18th January Ross and Col taught our yearly free self defence workshop. This 3 hour session was open to all friends and family of our members who were interested in developing their self defence skills and awareness. Assisted by Tom, Thomas and Matt, we taught a group of 20 adults from all different walks of life within Cambridge.

The workshop focussed on basic skills and ideas that can be applied to a large variety of situations - attendees worked at developing a few simple tools to a good standard so they didn’t have to try and remember different things for each different situation. As the context changes, your tools adapt to fit the new threat.

We applied the ideas of 'forward pressure', 'being ferocious' and 'remembering to breath' to several ambush and confrontation situations so that attendees could see the connections and overriding themes/similarities.

As well as discussing the law and how it applies to us, we talked about how adrenaline being released into our system can affect us in an emergency.

Throughout the morning the main theme was of developing four specific skills that can be incorporated into all areas of life, not just self defence.

1. Awareness: Use all of your sense's including your intuition. Developing this skill is the single most important lesson of the day.

2. Focus: Always think firstly about what you have got, then what you have not got. Be soft where they are strong and strong where they are weak.

3. Resilience: Your ability to bounce back/recover from the shock of being attacked or confronted in an aggressive way.

4. Integration: Think of ways you can practise these skills in your every day lives so that you continuing to increase your chances of defending yourself after today's workshop. This also includes having balance, which is vital for effective self defence; do all you can to preserve your balance and take away their balance – this goes beyond the physical into mental and emotional balance also.

All attendees also recieved access to a set of videos by Ross teaching exercises covering a wide range of self defence situations.

We had lots of fun teaching, and would like to thank Tom, Thomas and Matt for coming along to help out.