Wing Chun Grading April 2016


Over the past few weeks Ross and Col been busy grading some of the Intermediate and Senior Wing Chun students. As well as Form and grade-specific Chi Sau exercises, the Intermediates were tested in our Anti-Ground Fighting Lat Sau programme; where the emphasis is on escaping from the ground while remaining aware that there may be more than one attacker standing nearby (so no locks or controls that involve being stationary on the ground).

The Senior guys were focussing on Multiple Assailants for their Lat Sau, sometimes looking to escape, sometimes looking to take everyone out (when there is no escape route), and at other times trying to protect someone they’re with. These are probably our two most energetic programmes and teach a variety of skills and strategies not found in the lower grades, but which use the lower grades as a base to work from and build upon.

As usual everyone worked hard and put a lot of effort into being good enough to pass, but special mention goes to Izzy, Amy and John who all completed their SG8 Revision Grade (where they redo every previous grade at a higher standard to show their deeper understanding of the exercises, and Wing Chun as a whole).

We managed to get some pictures and video of Izzy doing her pressure test, which is the final part of the grading. She had spent the previous three hours being a training partner for the other guys working on their Grade 8 so had been working hard, and was then tasked with defending and attacking against any attack the attackers could think of while keeping control and maintaining her ability to demonstrate the Wing Chun principles.